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Chimica Verde Bionet

Chimica Verde bionet (Green Chemistry bionet) is a non-profit organization that promotes and develops, according to ecological and sustainable criteria, the research, the application and the dissemination of industrial products based on plant or animal raw materials, taking into account the whole production pathway, to the environmental fate at the end of their life-cycle.
It was founded on March 2006 from a group of public researchers and Legambiente (the most widespread Italian environmental association). The association is open to public and private companies, natural persons and other categories, after signing the “Charter of commitments” and after having obtained the opinion of the board of directors.
The association promotes synergies within members and between members, public institution and consumers. Application fields regard different green chemistry area: energy from biomass, natural dyes, solvents or thickeners, natural fibres, biofuels, biolubricants, technical oils, surfactants, bioplastics and biopolymers, renewable raw materials for fine chemicals, other uses such as biopesticides and other biobased products and the respective supply chains, following biorefinery approach.

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