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AIN – Associazione Industriali di Novara

The Associazione Industriali di Novara (AIN) was founded in 1919; its mission is the development of the industrial field through the representation and protection of the companies common interests towards the political, institutional and trade unions world. Since its establishment, the AIN has joined Confindustria, the main organization representing the manufacturing and service industries in Italy, with 148,392 registered companies which provides employment to 5,454,962 people.
The AIN directly performs its institutional activities in relation with authorities, institutions and local administrations, while it is represented by Confindustria for the relations at a regional, national and international level. The Association provides operational support to companies by providing information, advice and assistance in the trade-union, social security, environmental, fiscal, commercial and financial field.

More recently it has developed expertise in the field of internationalization, health and safety in the workplace, quality and technological innovation, energy supply, vocational guidance and training, urban and industrial development. The Associazione Industriali represents and protects 495 companies located in the Province of Novara and employing a total of 30,451 employees (as of 31/12/2013). AIN members are very different in terms of size and type of production, as well as in terms of company dimensions, with a preponderance of small and medium enterprises.

  • Corso Felice Cavallotti, 2528100 Novara
  • Tel. 0321 674687
  • Fax 0321 674667
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