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Industrial Innovation Puglia

Catalisi Innovativa per il Riciclio del Carbonio S.r.l. – CIRC

Founded in 2013, IC2Rsrl brings the scientific knowledge and know-how developed over years at the international level by the Aresta’s Research Group. Research is focused on the development of new catalysts and innovative processes for the use of CO2 or residual biomass as raw material for the synthesis of fine-chemicals and materials. IC2Rsrl develops innovative and sustainable processes, tailored as needed for the conversion of waste into high value-added chemicals and fuels.

Sede Legale: Viale Luigi Einaudi n.25 – 70125 Bari

Sede Operativa: Lab H124 c/o Tecnopolis, km 3 via Casamassima – 70018 Valenzano (BA)

  • Viale Luigi Einaudi 2570125 Bari
  • Tel. +39 3483311932
  • Web