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Research Centres Umbria

Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sull’Inquinamento da Agenti Fisici “Mauro Felli” – CIRIAF

CIRIAF works in the field of pollution caused by physical agents and of the following effects, focusing in particular on the environmental, territorial, socio-economic, medical and oncological ones.

CRB, established by the Ministry for the Environment and Territory in the University of Perugia, is the Italian reference center for research on biofuels, biochemicals and biomass for energy use.

The two structures (www.ciriaf.it and www.crbnet.it) have recently merged into one single center.

  • Via G. Duranti,06125 Perugia
  • Tel. +39 075 5853806
  • Fax +39 075 5153321
  • Web