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Industrial Innovation Emilia Romagna

Coopbox Group S.p.A.

Coopbox has been taking care of your food for over forty years: in the food industry, in the large-scale retail channel, confectionery and ice-cream production sectors. Our desire to innovate is exactly the same as it was in 1972 when Coopbox was created in a reconverted brickworks in Bibbiano (Italy). Coopbox is now known throughout Europe for its reliable, hygienic products, the detailed and efficient customer service, and care for the environment. Our containers leave our plants in Italy, Spain and Slovakia to reach the tables of millions of European citizens each day, preserving the freshness and nutritional properties of foodstuffs at their best.

  • via Gandhi, 842100 Reggio Emilia
  • Tel. +3905222991
  • Fax +39 0522292817
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