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Dissemination Trentino Alto Adige

Fondazione Edmund Mach

Fondazione Edmund Mach gets the knowledge heritage of the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige, founded in 1874. It is a prestigious institution which over the years has achieved many important goals at international level delivering a range of education, training and technology transfer programs in the field of agriculture, food processing and sustainable development. The R&D activities on biomass are aimed to optimize the different processing chains through the recovery of residues and by-products, their transformation and exploitation by means of innovative solutions, suitable to the considered context and with particular attention to the environmental impact.

  • Via E. Mach, 1 -38010 San Michele all’Adige (Trento)
  • Tel. +39 0461 615315
  • Fax +39 0461 615313
  • Web