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Industrial Innovation Lombardia

Galatea Bio Tech S.r.l.

Galatea Bio Tech Srl is an “innovative Startup” active in the field of Industrial Biotechnology and Green Chemistry. The Members of Galatea Bio tech are a University, three professors of Industrial Biotechnology and Materials Science, and an industrial manager. The core Business of Galatea Bio Tech is manufacturing and marketing of fine and bulk chemicals and their derivatives, as well as research and development of technologies and processes for their production through biotechnologies or not. This is possible thanks to the ability of Galatea Bio Tech to develop and engineer suitable microorganisms by the recombinant-DNA technique, in order to obtain a large number of molecules used in the most varied fields. The molecules obtained through the technological processes developed by Galatea contribute through their vegetable-level Carbon Footprint to the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions and to obtain the parameters set by the Kyoto Protocol. In particular, Galatea is specialized in the production of bioplastics, enzymes, bi-functional molecules, organic acids and microbial strains suitable for the production of biomolecules of all kinds. A peculiar characteristic of Galatea Bio Tech is its great expertise in the field together with a great operational flexibility, which allows the development of on-demand applications. Galatea operates in a global market and in full respect of the parameters of sustainable development, taking its rightful place among the actors of Green Chemistry.

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