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Industrial Innovation Veneto

Mater-Biotech S.p.A.

Mater-Biotech is a company located in Adria (Rovigo, Italy) company, born in 2012 and entirely controlled by Novamont, specialized in activities of research and development of processes for the transformation of raw materials from renewable sources and for the production and marketing of chemical intermediates derived from them.
In particular, Mater-Biotech will represent the first industrial plant in the world for the production of bio-Butanediol (BDO) from renewable resources through fermentation processes, thanks to the reconversion of the BioItalia ex Ajinomoto site in Adria (Rovigo), acquired by Novamont and at present under revamping and expansion.

  • Via Fauser, 828100 Novara
  • Tel. +39 0426 99801