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Industrial Innovation Piemonte

Novamont S.p.A

Novamont is an industrial company based in Novara, active since 1989. Born as a Montedison research center with the ambitious goal of integrating chemistry, environment and agriculture, it is today a world leader in the field of bioplastics from renewable sources. From the beginning of its activity Novamont has significantly contributed to the creation of a new industrial policy capable of combining the demands of development with sustainability, thanks to the use of renewable sources for the production of bioplastics for low environmental-impact applications. Novamont mission consists in developing materials and biochemicals by activating biorefineries integrated in the local areas and providing application solutions that could ensure an efficient use of resources all along the life cycle, with social, economic and environmental system-based benefits.

  • Via G. Fauser 828100 Novara
  • Tel. 0321.699.611
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