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Industrial Innovation Piemonte

Radici Chimica S.p.A.

FROM CHEMICALS TO PLASTICS, SYNTHETIC FIBRES AND NONWOVENS Production and sales sites in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Diversified businesses focusing on chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibres and nonwovens. Know-how. Vertically integrated nylon production. Constant commitment to guaranteeing its customers quality, sustainable innovation and reliability. All this is RadiciGroup, a leader in nylon chemicals. RadiciGroup products are used in applications such as: Apparel, Furnishings, Automotive, Consumer goods, 
Construction, Electrical and electronics, Household appliances, Sport.
RadiciGroup, with its Chemicals, Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Nonwovens Business Areas, is part of a larger industrial group that also includes textile machinery and energy businesses.

  • Via G. Fauser 828100 Novara
  • Tel. 035 715 411
  • Fax 035 715616
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