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Industrial Innovation Piemonte

Sea Marconi Technologies S.a.s.

Sea Marconi was established in Turin in 1968 based on a business concept by Vander Tumiatti. The company now operates in the key sectors of energy and the environment, with sustainable solutions for the management of transformers and other electrical equipment filled with insulating fluids (core business). Sea Marconi occupies a leading market position in the sector, with 3000 clients across 5 continents. We have offices in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Argentina, and operate in other areas of the world through qualified partners. R&D (over 40 patents) generates technological innovations and opportunities for Global Sustainable Development with the Best Available Techniques (BAT) and Best Environmental Practices (BEP) for: Bio-Energy and Urban Waste and Biomass Products for Smart Cities (BioEnPro) and Functionalized Nanosponges (FNS) for advanced applications and Smart Agriculture. TransfoClean is the new “sustainable” solution designed to support owners of electrical transformers containing insulating oils through every stage of the machine’s life cycle (LCM),
from initial purchase and choice of oil to decontamination and disposal at the end of its useful life.

  • Sea Marconi Technologies S.a.s.
    Via Ungheria 20 100093 Collegno (Torino)
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