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Industrial Innovation Lombardia

Temix Oleo S.r.l.

Temix Oleo arises from the merger of two consolidated realities, Oleochimica Italia and Temix International, who share the same corporate vision: the handling of high quality chemical products in respect of sustainable chemistry. Experience and innovation meet themselves, the manufacturing and commercial skills place Temix Oleo at the top of the Italian and European markets. Supporting the principle of green chemistry in many areas such as lubrication, auxiliary industry, textile and leather industry, production of resins, adhesives and abrasives, cleansing products, personal care and cosmetics, Temix Oleo manufactures and markets chemical products made from renewable sources.

  • Uffici: Via Piero Portaluppi 17,20138 Milano
  • Tel. +39025099431
  • Fax +390516467220
  • Web