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National Award Federchimica Giovani. “Chemistry: the science that moves the world” – Deadline for registrations: February 28th and March 31st 2017
  • Regolamento premio
  • Regolamento plastica e base

The National Award Federchimica Giovani is an annual initiative promoted by Federchimica and its sectorial associations, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education, aimed at encouraging an alternative and cross-cutting approach of training and education towards the technical and scientific world.

It’s a contest for students from all the national Primary and Junior Secondary Schools (public or private) with the objective of promoting innovative and creative educational projects, in order to create opportunities for meeting among School, Local Areas and Chemical industry, as well as to orient the young towards technical and scientific courses of study.

The participants (single students or team/classes) are required to develop a composition about one of the proposed sections (Chemicals in agriculture/for crop protection, Basic Chemistry, plastics, pharmaceutical products for animals, ingredients specialized for the food sector, Biotechnologies, detergents, fertilizers, synthetic fibers, LPG, hydrogen-powered cars, adhesive materials and sealants, inks, paints and varnishes, cosmetics).  Following the topic “Chemistry: the science who moves the world”, different aspects of this sector will have the possibility to be taken in consideration – such as the “hidden” contribution of chemistry to everyday products; the technological and scientific achievements improving life quality; the different application of chemistry to well-being;  chemistry for food safety and quality; clichés and stereotypes on chemistry and its products; the role of chemistry to face the challenges of sustainable development. This is, in particular, the main field of action of the Cluster SPRING, that supports the National Award Federchimica Giovani and encourages it dissemination, in line with the Cluster objectives of promoting a cross-cutting training and educational approach about chemistry from renewable sources and about the wider sector of the Bioeconomy.

To compete in the “general section”, participation is possible by filling in the registration form and sending the compositions by March 31st 2017; to compete in the “basic chemistry and plastics” section, the registration for has to be sent by February 28th 2017, and the compositions by May 12th 2017.

For more information on the terms of participation and its prizes, please visit the Federchimica webpage, read the regulations attached or contact the competition’s secretariat.