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The Mediterranean bioeconomy and the Cluster SPRING among the protagonists of Renewable Matter, in the article “The liquid Continent”

Inside the 13th issue (November/December 2016) of Renewable Matter , Mario Bonaccorso highlights the challenges that Mediterranean Region is facing for the promotion of sustainable development and integrated growth through the Bioeconomy –  a fundamental current opportunity, more than ever today, but not yet recognized in its fullest potential..

A “Liquid Continent”, highly threatened by the impact of climate change, the Mediterranean Sea is a candidate as the next protagonist of Bioeconomy of Southern Europe – considering the important opportunities that represents for growth and blue occupation, like its local biodiversity, deep water resources, tourism, production of energy from renewable sources, marine aquaculture . In 2016 many realities of the Mediterranean basin have already include Bioeconomy inside their political agendas – such as Spain, and our Country with “Bioeconomy in Italy: A unique opportunity to reconnect economy, society and the environment”. However, it is fundamental that the great potential of all the countries of this area, in terms of availability of agricultural products, forests and marine biological resources, as well as of rural and marginal lands, can be duly enhanced with a view to regeneration, sustainable development at an economical, societal and environmental level, and greater political stability inside of the entire macrozone.

We take the occasion to remind that the Cluster SPRING immediately entered among the stakeholders that contributed to the draft of National Strategy of Bioeconomy – available until December 23rd, 2016, for public consultation – right with the objective of participating in reinforcing national competiveness and  the role of our Country in promoting sustainable growth in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

The elaboration and consolidation of a shared strategy between the Northern and Southern shores, together with a stronger coordination among the countries of the basin for supporting economic growth in this area, represents an important step forward – as already demonstrated by the BLUEMED Initiative and the PRIMA Program.

Moreover, as come out the past 9th November during the conference: “Horizon 2020 and the bio-based industries joint undertaking (BBI JU): opportunities for jobs and growth in the Mediterranean Region”- co-organized by SPRING within Ecomondo 2016 – not only the support of local institutions, but also of  the Horizon 2020 and BBI joint Undertaking tools, as well as of the national Clusters, like SPRING, will be relevant for promoting projects of local investments of high infrastructural and social impact,  and for the creation and diffusion on the local areas of sustainable and interconnected value-chains.

Renewable Matter is the independent international magazine, edited by Edizioni Ambiente, dedicated to the topics of Bioeconomy, Circular Economy and Green, Blue and Sharing Economy. The Cluster SPRING has been since 2014 one of its networking partners.

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