Italian Cluster of
Circular Bioeconomy

We want to stimulate the development of bioindustries in Italy through a holistic approach to innovation, aimed at relaunching Italian industry under the banner of environmental, social and economic sustainability.
We promote research and investments in new technologies in the bioeconomy sector, in constant dialogue with local stakeholders.




SPRING encourages the development of partnerships to carry out research throughout the bioeconomy sector, in a balanced relationship between public and private entities necessary for participation in regional and national calls for proposals and as part of the European Horizon 2020 programme.


Education and training

Education and training relate not only to the integration of biological knowledge into existing technology, but also a detailed communication and dissemination plan that also aims to achieve the transition to the circular bioeconomy at a social level.

How to join

SPRING can be joined at any time of the year by public or private entities, which declare on the Association’s application form that they share the aims of the Cluster, indicating the significant projects and initiatives already started or to be started in the field of "green" chemistry, that they are familiar with the Association’s Statutes and that they will abide by its obligations.

Partenariati EU

La Commissione europea ha presentato le proposte per istituire i dieci nuovi partenariati istituzionalizzati, come uno degli elementi costitutivi del nuovo approccio alle collaborazioni pubblico-privato dal programma Horizon Europe.