Luca Lovatti

Luca Lovatti is Chief Research Officer at Consorzio Melinda sca and Managing Director of Consorzio Innovazione Frutta Soc. Cons. a r.l..

Consorzio Melinda is a consortium of cooperatives located in Val di Non and Val di Sole in the Trentino Province, company leader in Italy for the production and commercialization of table apples and other fruits and more recently through its Business Unit MelindaLab for the processing of fruit products.

Consorzio Innovazione Frutta is a research private company of POA APOT and Fondazione Edmund Mach in genetic research and variety innovation in apple and other fruits.

Agricultural sciences degree at Bologna University.

Main research fields in fruit and horticultural products: post-harvest, genetics and quality.

He participated, as a consultant, in different development projects in North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia, particularly regarding production, seeds, patent protection and development of new products.